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Next Level Auto Detailing was established in 2009 with the mission of providing a superior automotive detailing service.  With the multitude of automated car washes, and high volume detail shops, there are few establishments for car enthusiasts to turn to for quality service.  At Next Level Auto Detailing, we view automobiles as an investment, not simply a mode of transportation.   From the mighty Ferrari, to your weekend cruiser, we understand your passion, and strive to ensure your car receives quality treatment, set at a level above your neighborhood detailing shop.

2003 z06
Shawn Medina

Shawn Medina


Next Level Auto Detailing is proudly owned and operated by Shawn Medina, a lifelong Cleveland native, and automobile enthusiast.  From age 14, when he first started restoring his 1986 Mustang GT in his father’s garage, cars have been his passion.  Through studying automotive technology, and later working for Ford Motor Company, Shawn gained a robust and comprehensive understanding of vehicle maintenance and preservation. From Mustangs, to Corvettes, to Vipers, Shawn has driven, raced and maintained all types of automobiles, taking pleasure in the intricacies each automobile has to offer.